10 golden rules of pharmacy politics

1- Never argue with the patient. Explain to the patient what can be done and what can not be done.

2- Never argue with the technicians and pharmacists. Never lose your cool.

3- Watch your personal hygiene (body odor, bad breath, ...).

4- Treat every person with respect and do not underestimate anybody.

5- Be willing to work overtime and to have a flexible work schedule.

6- Do not badmouth or gossip.

7- Be appreciative of the help that you get from your coworkers.

8- If the work environment in one pharmacy is not good, then quietly try to get a job in another pharmacy.

9- Do not date any coworker. If you really want to date a coworker, then get a job in another pharmacy and now you can date your former coworker.

10- When in doubt, ask the pharmacy manager. Do not try to make judgment calls. The pharmacy manager earns a big salary because he/she is supposed to make professional judgment calls.