10 tips for an effective resume:

1- Remember that the main objective of a resume is to get you a job interview.

2- Be positive and clear when describing your accomplishments. State some team working efforts. Do not use the pronoun "I". Do not write - I developed a system.... Instead, write - Developed a system....

3- Use keywords specific to the job you are looking for. Recruiters and employers often search a resume database for particular words such as certification, registration, licenses, pharmacy technician, ...

4- Be specific with your goals, skills, and objectives. Use keywords related to the type of career and job you are looking for.

5- Check spelling. Also, have someone else review and proofread your resume.

6- Do not include irrelevant personal information such as age, weight, height, marital status, gender.

7- Adapt your education, skills and experiences to the type of industry you are going to work for. Tailor your resume for each occupation or job of interest. Describe your licenses, certification, and registration.

8- Have your resume printed, but also have it ready for you to email it to employers and recruiters. You could also have a web page about your resume. Nowadays, many employers prefer that you enter your resume information onto their sites on the Internet.

9- When you save your resume on your computer disk, you should save it as a text file with no fancy typeface or graphs or fonts. Some employers may ask you to email them your resume as a file attachment. Others may ask you to copy and paste your resume onto the email message.

10- When you print your resume, do not use fancy typeface or color paper. Instead, use plain white paper with black text in order to make it easy for employers to scan your resume onto their databases.