how to be a good manager?

        The first step to being a good manager is the ability to work with people of different personalities and skills. The second step is the ability to bring these people together in order to achieve objectives and goals.

        The good manager follows the F.U.C.K. rule: Focus, Urgency, Challenge, Kindness

You need to focus on what really matters. Focus on objectives and goals and create the necessary conditions for the employees to achieve those goals. Prioritize the tasks. Your job is to facilitate the work of your employees.

You need to have a sense of urgency in order to accomplish as much as possible and as fast as possible, but without creating frustration, anger, and distress among your employees. Get input from your employees and then propose changes in a reasonable timeframe. In a competitive, global economy, managers need to act fast and well.

You need to challenge your employees to do more and better, but reward them when appropriate. You need to help your employees develop the ability of working well under pressure.

You need to be kind to your employees. Appreciate their work and contribution. Treat them with respect and consideration. Support them during difficult times. Be a good communicator. Employees respect a manager who tells them what they did wrong without laying blame.