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Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes:
drug prefixes, roots, and suffixes
medical prefixes, roots, and suffixes
medical ID theft

Sig Codes and Abbreviations:
the meaning of sig codes
the meaning of abbreviations

Quick Facts about Drugs:
quick facts about schedule II drugs (C-II drugs)
quick facts about schedule III drugs (C-III drugs)
quick facts about schedule IV drugs (C-IV drugs)
quick facts about schedule V drugs (C-V drugs)
quick facts on drug class or drug category
quick facts on drugs (sorted by brand name)
quick facts on drugs (sorted by generic name)

The Difference:
between cold and flu symptoms
between acute pain and chronic pain
between legend and non-legend drugs
between serious and critical conditions
between active and inactive ingredients
between generic drug and generic name
between heart attack and cardiac arrest
between corticosteroids and anabolic steroids
between generic drugs and authorized generics
between NDA application and ANDA application
between canker sore and cold sore (fever blister)

Women's Health:
birth control guide
vaginal yeast infection
bacterial vaginosis (BV)
heart disease in women
hair dye and hair relaxers
top 10 threats to women's health
the most important screening tests for women

Test your Knowledge (part 1):
quiz on sleep
quiz on drugs
quiz on the flu
quiz on antibiotics
quiz on kids' health
quiz on men's health
quiz on staying healthy
quiz on women's health

Health Care Topics (part 1):
how to stop snoring?
how to handle medical bills?
blood glucose (sugar) levels
can back pain be prevented?
blood pressure levels for adults
cholesterol and triglyceride levels
the most important screening tests for men
why should you care about antibiotic resistance?

Diseases and Conditions:
10 causes of insomnia
how to reduce the risk of heart disease?
predisposing factors to allergic rhinitis (AR)
simple steps to help prevent and treat dry eyes
common causes of nasal allergy and congestion
what I need to know about urinary tract infections
what are the signs and symptoms of genital herpes?
common causes of heartburn and what to do about it
signs, symptoms and factors contributing to dry eyes

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
the facts about the swine flu (H1N1 flu)
vaccines and immunizations (schedules)
five tips on preventing Staph or MRSA infections

Food and Drug Administration (FDA):
safe disposal of unused medicines
search the Orange Book of Drugs from the FDA
browse or search by drug name or active ingredient
search National Drug Code directory (NDC number)

Job and Resume Issues:
10 tips for an effective resume
10 tips for an effective job search
looking for a new job while you have a job
top 10 abilities and skills desired by employers
top 10 skills to get a job as a pharmacy technician

Public Interest Affairs:
why do mosquito bites itch?
soluble fiber x insoluble fiber
how to select a nursing home?
protect yourself from identity theft
the pronunciation of generic names
the first aid kit for families on vacation
out of work? how to deal with creditors?
certification and recertif for pharmacy techs
vitamins, their chemical names and functions
Math Calculations, Conversions, and Numerals:
mathematics calculations
conversions (g, oz, mL, mg, tsp, ...)
roman numerals (ss, I, V, X, L, C, D, M)

Continuing Education (CE) and Registration:
CE for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
registration for pharmacists and pharmacy techs

General Topics on Drugs:
date rape drugs
check drug interactions
caution with OTC pain relievers
grapefruit and drug interactions
prescription and patient assistance programs
commonly abused drugs from the NIDA Institute
what are immediate, extended and delayed releases

What is it:
what is HFA?
what is patent?
what is HIPAA?
what is a placebo?
what is a NPI number?
what is doughnut hole?
what is a NDC number?
what is an e-prescription?
what is a dietary supplement?
what is an enteric-coated drug?
what is an AB-rated drug (non-AB-rated drug)?

Children's Health:
how to childproof your home?
children and OTC medicines
how to prevent your child from choking?
what are the signs of child sexual abuse?
preventing allergies and asthma in children
how can I tell if my child has an ear infection?
how to treat cold and cough in children under age 2

Test your Knowledge (part 2):
quiz on joints
quiz on bones
quiz on the skin
quiz on muscles
quiz on diabetes
quiz on heart attack signs
quiz on physical activity and heart disease
quiz on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Health Care Topics (part 2):
how to get rid of bad breath?
tips to relieve seasonal allergy
the health benefits of drinking water
what type of headache do you have?
can sprains and strains be prevented?
protect yourself from the west nile virus
alternative medicine x traditional medicine
why should you care about the immune system?

Life Issues:
what causes gas?
the leading cause of death
tips for a good night's sleep
tips on how to stop smoking
how to boost your metabolism?
15 benefits of physical exercise
high blood pressure (the silent killer)
how to take care of your mental health?
ways to reduce your risk for many types of cancer

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA):
how to verify a DEA number?
drug prevention publications
controlled substance schedules
extortion scam and fraud scheme

Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP:
quick facts on medicare
quick facts about medicaid
medicare offers four kinds of insurance
CHIP (children's health insurance program)

Positive Attitude:
how to achieve success?
what does success mean?
how to develop the habit of happiness?
10 ways for healthcare providers to relieve stress
what you can control and what you can not control

People Skills:
how to be a good manager?
10 golden rules of office politics
10 golden rules of pharmacy politics
how to deal with people you can not stand?

Job Interviews:
20 job interview turnoffs
16 face-to-face interviewing tips
body language during job interviews
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